Dining Area

The dining area. The kitchen is still on frame.

The powder room

The powder room

The elegant living room (Maia Alta Antipolo)The elegant living room

The living room.

Grandpa's Chair

Grandpa's Chair.

The window seat

The window seat with throw pillows and frame. Everything is functional. The seat is also with drawers under for those stuff in the living room.

The Couch in the living room

The lady couch in the living room with throw pillows. 2-seater. Rustic or earth color interior decors. Cute furniture that matches the beautiful interior.

Four Frames with painting hanged on the wall

Four Paintings with frames on the Wall of the living area with high ceiling.

Living Room with high ceiling and big window

The high ceiling with big window and a cute chandelier at the living room.

The stairs going to the bedrooms

This is the stairs going to the bedroom.

Counter Top

The counter top table as part of the dining and kitchen area. This is where I eat breakfast or quick snacks. While chatting with the maid or someone seated on the dining table.

The Guest Room

This is the guest bedroom. It has two beds to accommodate more. With lots of pillows to choose from. There's a nice curtain also and photo frames on the side tables.

Living Room - Sala set and throw pillows

This is bit blurry but still cute. A photo of the living room with sofa or sala set, lazy chair, throw pillows and a seat beside the window.

The Living Room - A View From The Top

Earth colors interior design. I took this photo from the stairs going to the bedroom to get an aerial view or a view from the top. I love the color combination. It's so comfy staying in this living room.

Elegant Shower Curtain

This photo is more detailed. A closer shot of the shower curtain.

The Shower Room

This is the shower room. It's cute cause of the shower curtain. I love the color. It's very elegant.

Dining Table

Another shot of the dining table from the mezzanine. It has a cozy feel cause of the colors used.

Dining Room

Kitchen with Debbie

This is the kitchen, somewhat messy cause Debbie the maid is just about to clean up after preparing breakfast for all of us.

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